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 Post subject: Maoh's Profile
PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 9:45 am 
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Location: Victoria, Australia
Name of Real World Player: Noel Wainford
Age: 25
D.O.B: ???
Occupation: (Full-Time) Confectionry Scientist
Place of Residence: Victoria, Australia
Height: 6 Feet, 1 Inches
Weight: 157 Lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short
Hair Style: -
Eye Color: Brown
Physical Appearance:
Personality: Noel, and thus Maoh, have a fairly easy-going personality. Warm, kind and otherwise determined, Noel is a person that will tackle a problem as best he can. However, the fact that his believe-all hope and naivety tends to make him very vulnerable; meaning that being overwhelmed and withdrawn is a very real possibility given enough emotional strain. In battle, instinct takes over to fend for his life, but rarely makes the first move. This does mean that as one that stands back and waits to respond, if the party is to charge in, he may be the last one in, if only to flee to fight again another day. The need to defend oneself in melee combat was imperative to his class choice, but otherwise he’s very much a supportive role for the team: other people first, him second, sometimes to dangerous levels.
- Matyrdom
- Empathetic

Name of Character in The World: Maoh
Class: Fist Fighter
Height: 2 Feet, 5 Inches (At shoulder)
Fur Color: Motled black and white.
Fur Length: Short
Hair Style: -
Eye Color: Burnt Crimson
Physical Description: What Maoh wears now given his new form are the remnants of his old coat and the gi he wore underneath. The coat has seen better days, now ripped and torn to shorten it so it fits, bearing some stains from where the bomb's gas had seeped into the fabric. His gi is mostly fine being held together with a sash so sizing isn't much of an issue. Given the lack of fingers however, he's since ditched the rings but has kept the gold chain as a collar more than a necklace.

Level: 32
EXP: 0/1000
HP: 495/???
SP: 140/???
GP: 31,541

- Weapon: Broken Gauntlet (Fist Fighter) (Lvl. 30) (Winter's Strike, Waterburst, Death)
- Head: Thunder Torque (Light) (Lvl. 31) (La Repth, Rip Maen)
- Body: Quakebeast Fur (Medium) (Lvl. 32) (Rai Kruz)
- Hand: Frost Bracer (Light) (Lvl. 16) (Rue Rom)
- Legs: Lucky Shoes (Medium) (Lvl. 27) (Rig Saem, Rig Geam, No Damage) (RARE)
- Accessory 1: Ribbon (Lvl. X) -Protection against all Status Changes- (Event Reward) (RARE)
- Accessory 2: "Xenobia's Collar" (Lvl. X) -Auto: Rip Maen. Causes Juk Explosion on wearer death- (UNIQUE) (8/8 Charges)
- Accessory 3: -Empty-

Winter's Strike (Rue) (Lvl. 2) (Single: Single) (30)
Waterburst (Rue) (Area: Multi) (Lvl. 2) (45)

Rai Kruz (Lvl. 1) (Converge) (10)
Rue Rom (Lvl. 1) (Tornado) (10)
La Repth (Lvl. 2) (Area Heal: 150) (20)
Rip Maen (Lvl. X) (Revive) (40)
Rig Saem (Lvl. X) (Regen) (15)
Rig Gaem (Lvl. X) (Refresh) (25)

Passive Effects:
No Damage

Skills from Other Equipment
Vakz Rage (Vak) (Single: Multi) (Lvl. 2) (30)
Fireburst (Vak) (Area: Multi) (Lvl. 2) (45)

Vak Kruz (Lvl. 1) (Converge) (10)

Sagittarius (Archer) (Lvl. 27) (Flaming Arrow of Inferno, Arrow of the Bounteous Earth, Life Drain)
Heh heh heh (Wavemaster) (Lvl. 47) (PhaVak Don, Vulcan Ch, Vulcan Rf)
Phoenix Wrist (Lvl. 25) (Vakz Rage, Fireburst, Skill Drain)

Head Armour:
Newt Necklace (Light) (Lvl. 21) (La Repth)

Body Armour:
Firedrake Mail (Medium) (Lvl. 22) (Vak Kruz)

Hand Armour:

Leg Armour:
Sandals (Light) (Lvl. 1)
Oak Anklet (Light) (Lvl. 26) (Dek Juka)


42 Health Drinks - Restores 150 HP
3 Healing Potions - Restores 400 HP
9 Mage's Souls - Restores 100 SP
27 Resurrects - Revives a fallen Ally
11 Restoratives - Heals any Mental ailment
12 Antidotes - Heals any Physical ailment
28 Fortune Wires - Unlocks trapped chests
5 Sprite Ocarinas - Returns a player'a party to the Field
3 Fairy Orbs - Reveals the layout of Dungeons and Fields
15 Speed Charms - Cast Ap Do on the user
1 Grunty Stables Gift Card -Worth 1,200 GP: Redeemable only at the Grunty Stables

8 Warrior Bloods - Increase Physical Attack
8 Knight Bloods - Increase Physical Defense
1 Hermit Blood - Increase Magical Attack
3 Beasts Bloods - Increase Magical Defense
1 Wizard Blood - Increase Magical Accuracy
1 Warrior Bane - Decrease Physical Attack
1 Hermit Bane - Decrease Magical Attack

3 Raining Rocks -Level 1 – Earth – Drop
2 Ice Floe -Level 1 – Ice – Converge
1 Ice storm -Level 1 – Ice – Tornado
1 Meteor Swarm -Level 1 – Fire – Converge
1 Fire tempest -Level 1 – Fire – Tornado
1 Gale Breath -Level 1 – Wood – Raise
1 Green Gale -Level 1 – Wood – Tornado
1 Lightning Bolt -Level1 – Thunder – Drop
2 Dark Night -Level 1 – Darkness – Raise
1 Nightblight -Level 1 - Darkness - Converge
2 Dark Traitor -Level 2 – Darkness – Converge
1 Cygnus -Level 2 - Ice - Converge
1 Leafblight -Level 2 - Wood - Tornado
1 Permafrost -Level 3 - Ice - Converge

4 Burning Oils -Ap Vakz – Increase Fire Element
2 Firebane -Dek Vakz – Decease Fire Element
5 Pure Water - Ap Ruem - Increase Water Element
2 The Death - Casts Duk Lei (Poison) on one Target
2 The Devil - Casts Maj Lei (Curse) on one Target
3 The Hanged Man - Casts Suvi Lei (Paralyze) on one Target
2 The Fool - Casts Ranki Lei (Confuse) on one Target
2 The Lovers - Casts Miu Lei (Charm) on one Target
1 The Moon - Casts Mumyn Lei (Sleep) on one Target
2 The Sun - Increases target's elemental stats to 99
2 The Star - Reduces target's elemental stats to 0
2 The World - Revives all dead players in an area with full HP and SP

Key Items:
The World TCG Board-State Encyclopedia
The World TCG Set (Complete)
Bag of Loaded Dice

Maoh l Lvl. 32 l EXP: 0/1000 l HP: 495/??? l SP: 140/???
GP: 31,541

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 Post subject: Re: Homura's Profile
PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 10:18 pm 
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Joined: Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:26 pm
Posts: 29
Location: Victoria, Australia

Weapons: (Common, Rare)
Blackwood Gauntlet (Lvl. 19) (Root Strike, Ap Juka, Death)
Brass Knuckles (Lvl. 20) (Pummel, Charge Strike, Critical Hit)
Heavy Cestus (Lvl. 27) (Pummel, Charge Strike, Critical Hit)
Light Gauntlet (Lvl. 30) (Spiral Burst, Juka Rage, Leafburst, Skill Drain)
Broken Gauntlet (Lvl. 30) (Winter's Strike, Waterburst, Death)
Bladed Gauntlets (Lvl. 35) (Juka Rage, Root Strike, Leafburst)
Gaea's Gauntlet (Lvl. 37) (Earthburst, Ganz Rage, Ol Repth, Critical Hit)
Red Dragon Fist (Lvl. 39) (Ganz Rage, Fireburst, Skill Drain)
Master's Palm (Lvl. 40) (Juka Rage, Vakz Rage, Life Drain, Skill Drain)
Cast Iron Shackles (Lvl. 59) (Earthwarp, Boulder Charge, Critical Hit, Death)

Armour: (Common, Rare)
Dragon's Head (Lvl. 10) (Light) (Head) (Vulcan, Dek Vorma)
Nebula Gloves (Lvl. 12) (Light) (Hand) (Ap Torv, Ap Torma, Ani Don)
Snow Panther (Lvl. 17) (Medium) (Leg) (Ap Vorv)
Guilt Gloves (Lvl. 20) (Medium) (Hand) (Dek Corv, Dek Corma)
Dice Gloves (Lvl. 20) (Medium) (Hand) (Ap Corv, Ap Torv)
Iron Anklet (Lvl. 21) (Light) (Leg) (Dek Vakz)
Firedrake Mail (Lvl.22) (Medium) (Body) (Vak Kruz)
Smith's Gloves (Lvl. 22) (Medium) (Hand) (Vak Don)
Ranger's Boots (Lvl. 27) (Medium) (Leg) (Ap Corma)
Thunder Boots (Lvl. 32) (Medium) (Leg) (Ap Vorma)
Bandit Mail (Lvl. 47) (Medium) (Body) (Juk Rom, Dek Vorv)
Geist Ring (Lvl. 51) (Light) (Hand) (MeAni Kruz, Ranki Lei, Skill Drain)
Rock Guard (Lvl. 56) (Light) (Hand) (OrGan Don, GiGan Zot)
Stone Greaves (Lvl. 56) (Light) (Leg) (OrGan Zot, Dek Ganz)
Tribal Robes (Lvl. 56) (Body) (Light) (OrGan Rom, GiGan Don)
Jasper Hauberk (Lvl. 57) (Medium) (Body) (MeGan Rom, Dek Ganz)
Celestial Robe (Lvl. 92) (Light) (Body) (Rig Saem, Yarthkins Rf)

Other: (Common, Rare)
3x Myth: Titan
3x Winterstone
3x BR Kobe

Maoh l Lvl. 32 l EXP: 0/1000 l HP: 495/??? l SP: 140/???
GP: 31,541

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 Post subject: Re: Homura's Profile
PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:54 pm 
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Location: Victoria, Australia
((Keeping them here so I have a place to store them with formatting all ready to go))
Hack List (Not Acquired)
The Boundary
Effect: Maoh generates a field with a 15’ radius in which he can immediately affect anything within it. Maintaining the field drains Maoh’s HP. Movement speed is considered normal while sustaining the field, even while under the effects of Ap Do. The Boundary needs to be maintained while powers are being used.
Upgrade: Increase to effect radius.

Boundary Artes (None Acquired)
Boundary Arte: Float
Effect: Maoh can hover above the ground to avoid ground related obstacles. (Hover height is approximately 1 foot) While hovering, Maoh gains the effect of Dek Corv.
Upgrade: Ability to surge forward short distances while hovering.
Boundary Arte: Gravity
Effect: Removes the effects of gravity for people and objects within area of effect (Excluding user). Maoh gains the effect of Curse for the duration of the ability.
Upgrade: High Jump; Flight.
Boundary Arte: Replace
Effect: While maintaining The Boundary, Maoh can switch places with any one player or monster within the range of effect. Doing so costs 10% of his SP to activate.
Boundary Arte: Barrier
Effect: While maintaining The Boundary, Maoh can generate a barrier of strength equal to his current SP. Maintaining the effect drains SP. Any damage done to Maoh while the effect is active takes it out of his SP. If Maoh’s SP drops to 0, he gains the effect of Dek Vorma and Dek Vorv.
Boundary Arte: Execute
Effect: Acts as a be all and end all outright death move. Maoh, while maintaining The Boundary can rend the leylines that bind an object to reality. In doing so, he de-stabilises his own from the strain of using The Boundary and becomes an un-revivable ghost for a set duration of time.
Boundary Arte: Bind
Effect: While maintaining The Boundary, Maoh can bind a target within the area of effect and cease its movement. SP is drained while in ability is in effect, Maoh gains the effect of Dek Do.
Upgrade: Able to move at normal speed.
Boundary Arte: Mimic
Effect: While The Boundary is active, Maoh can access spells held by other players in the party. Can only access spells equal to the level of the hack.
Upgrade: Increase to level 2, 3 and 4 spells.
Boundary Arte: Amplify
Effect: Maoh warps the space created by The Boundary to be effected by a random element, granting damage bonuses to any spells of that element damaging a target within the area marked by The Boundary. SP drains with use.
Upgrade: Increase to damage bonus, able to choose element.
Boundary Arte: Repel
Effect: Maoh expels every currently living object within the area of The Boundary with a surge of ghostly fire, dealing damage and propelling them backwards away from him.

Maoh l Lvl. 32 l EXP: 0/1000 l HP: 495/??? l SP: 140/???
GP: 31,541

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