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Post by Jozen » Thu Jul 04, 2013 4:30 am

Name: Jozen
RWN: Rick

Class: Longarm
Level: 3

Head –Bandana
Body- Leather Coat
Arms - Wristbands
Legs - Sandals

Amazon Spear

Original Stats:

Additional Stats:
PAt 8 PAc 2 PDf 0 PEv 0
MAt 0 MAc 0 MDf 8 MEv 24
Earth 4 Water 4 Thunder 4 Body 0
Wood 4 Fire 4 Darkness 4 Spirit 12

Spells: Repth, Juk Rom, Gan Zot

Skills: Triple Doom

Additional Items:
x2 Health Drink
Bronze Spear
Jozen of the Advent Dynasty
Level 3

Wish List
(R)Kyotoushin, (CP)Day Kimono, (C)Nihonmaru, (C)Ring Mail

Jozen's Profile

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