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Raye's Profile

Post by Raye » Thu Mar 27, 2003 11:33 pm

name: Raye
class: Wavemaster
meaning: Hopeless One
nickname: Ace, Raye-Raye, Cupid
height: 5’1”
age: 15 yrs.
level: 1.0
hair: Raye has shoulder length indigo coloured hair with natural neon blue streaks and bangs. She usually wears it in two French braids almost directly behind her ears. The braids are tied up with thick yellow string and two little bits of hair never seem to stay behind her ears. It’s odd… it almost looks as if her ears are separated from her face.
eyes: Two large innocent eyes portray the feelings of our fine friend, Raye. She has a problem, she has no irises. They are two large black pupils in the middle of her eyeballs. She wishes she had normal eyes, but I guess that cannot be fixed. Some people say that these kinds of eyes give people special gifts. But do we know for sure?
facial features: Raye has a small face with a little button nose. Her ears are somewhat elf-like… although she does not know why. Raye has thin well shaped eyebrows; she can move one up and move one down at the same time! It can give her such a funny look!
clothing: a white v-neck, short-short sleeved shirt with thick red boarders around the neckline and where the arms cut off. Overtop, she wears a red sort of corduroy jumper that cuts off right about mid-thigh. To attach the thick white straps, you have to fasten the large yellow buttons. A thick white boarder around the bottom of the jumper and another one going vertically from top to bottom in the middle of the jumper. Her boots are normal clunky black boots with yellow laces.
accessories: Raye has a little felt hat that sits atop her head. It is red with yellow triangles and a yellow boarder across the bottom. Ontop of her hat is a little wire with a little white ball. It’s such a cute hat!
personality, etc.: Raye has a fun, happy, perky personality! She loves all things dearly and has a little pet quark named Cocoa. She would be the type of girl you smile at while passing by and say, “Such a nice girl! She seems like such a nice girl! How popular she must be!” But the truth is that Raye is very lonely. Some people see her as odd and weird, therefore they avoid her. She has acquaintances but not many friends. Over the years, her only friends have been nature and animals. Raye can be very opinionated on many, many things. If she thinks you are playing unfair or unjust she will willingly tell you very bluntly. Although Raye is only a level 1 wavemaster, she has weird powers not many people know about. Sometimes she will predict that something will happen. She has not mastered this ability yet, nor wants to. The sight is a very powerful ability and she does not realize that she has it until after a while. Raye has wandered aimlessly throughout the WORLD but hasn’t really met anybody to socialize with. She is a hopeless romantic and her only wish is to find somebody to love her in the WORLD. Raye’s only friend used to be one of the administrators in the WORLD; they shared common interests. She hasn’t seen that particular administrator forever because he suddenly became lost one day. It was a hard loss for Raye, maybe that’s why she’s been so solitary lately.

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