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Nall's Profile

Post by Nall » Sat Mar 22, 2003 3:26 pm


Class: Blademaster

Level: 11

Weapon: Kouryuu

Head Armor: Time Headband

Body Armor: Kagayuzen

Hand Armor: Hands of Life

Leg armor: White Boots

  • Cross Slash
  • Rue Slash
  • Ap Do
  • Miu Lei
  • Ol Repth
  • Rip Maen
Character Appearance:
Nall is an average Blademaster with a slightly tanned appearance. He has white, semi-long shaggy hair, highlighted with some red down the middle. He has deep green eyes which have the appearance of a cat. Nall is about 6 feet tall but doesn't appear to be so as he never stands up straight when he's not fighting. He has a black undershirt and a green sweaterish coat thingy which is highlighted in some lighted tones of green and yellow and is red on the inside. He always wears it unbuttoned. He has light beige pants and red boots which have been taped up many times. His face is almost cat like with two green markings under his right eye as well as green markings on his arms. Nall also wears a gold sorta amulet thing all the time.

Personality in Game:
Nall is very arrogent most of the time. He has a short temper and usually gets into fights with his party members. Even though Nall is fairly strong he is also very clumsy and often gets his party members into trouble. He has a tendency to disappear without trace at certain times, and he never explains himself when he returns. He is also known for disappearing against strong monsters and pissing off his party members in the process. Nall's knowledge of The WORLD and inventory of rare items makes him an asset to any party, even if it will cause conflict. Nall considers himself a rare item hunter as he enjoys collecting and gathering rare items more then actually fighting and exploring dungeons. His inventory can actually be quite suprising as he has quite the array of rare and unique items. He is the type of person that enjoys playing by himself more then with others as he seems to cause conflict with who ever he is with. However, even as mysterious as Nall may be, he can be quite friendly if you give him a chance.



PAT --> 14
PAC --> 17
PDE --> 10
PEV --> 18
MAT --> 5
MAC --> 11
MDE --> 6
MEV --> 15


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