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Tokki's Profile and Registration

Post by Tokki » Thu May 29, 2003 10:04 pm


Tokki Lv. 28 Long Arm

Active Equipment
Time Headband
Frost Bracer
Samurai Leg Armor

Inactive Equipment
Snow Panther
Guard Cap
Ice Hunter Cap
Frost Bracer

10 Health Potion
18 Health Drink
4 Mage's Soul
10 Emperor's Soul
2 Warrior's Blood
2 Hunter's Blood
2 Antidote
2 Restorative
5 Ice Floe
5 Raging Earth
5 Gale Breath
1 Speed Charm
5 Fairy Orb
5 Fortune Wire
5 Sprite Ocarina

Rue Repulse
Rue Doom
GiRue Kruz
MeRue Rom
Rue Rom
Ap Do
Miu Lei
Gan Don
Dek Corv
Ap Corv

Life Drain
No Damage
Auto Ap Ruem

Accumulated Equipment Stat Boosts
Physical Attack: 40
Physical Accuracy: 25
Physical Defense: 3
Physical Evasion: 38
Magical Attack: 15
Magical Accuracy: 15
Magical Defense: 15
Magical Evasion: 19

Mistglaive Stats

Mistglaive | Lv. ? | Rue Doom | Rue Repulse | GiRue Kruz | Death | Auto Ap Ruem
+40 Patk, +25 Pacc, +10 Peva, +20 Water, +5 Matk, +5 Macc, -20 Fire

Duel Statistics
Record: 10-1
Ladder Rank: 1
Skill Rating: 1853

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Tokki | Lv. 29 | Long Arm | Mistglaive | Kagayuzen | Time Headband | Rue Repulse | Rue Doom | GiRue Kruz | Rue Rom | Death | Ap Do | Miu Lei | Gan Don | Life Drain | No Damage | MeRue Rom

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Post by Tokki » Mon Mar 28, 2005 1:43 am


The darkness in my quiet dorm room didn't do much for my mood. But then again when has darkness ever done anything to cure chronic sadness. Or at least that what it felt like to me. I really believed that I was going to be depressed forever. And I didn't care. I was all cried out. Streaking down either side of my face were the lines that obviously denoted the trails of several thousand tears that had lept from my eyes beginning the moment I had checked the e-mail titled "I'm sorry" 5 hours ago. An e-mail. I couldn't believe that anyone could be so cold as to end a 3 year relationship that way. Since I was a sophomore in high school I had been dating KJ. He was perfect. He stood at 5'9, a great build which he should have as he was a serious martial artist. It was him who got me to train with him every morning to work on three martial arts styles at once. Tae Kwon Do, Jeet Kune Do, and Ninjitsu. If it hadn't been for him, I would have still been relying on his assitance if I had ever gotten mugged. Now, I could easily end the life of the everyday goon I came across-- not that it was a common occurance. But all this thinking about KJ was innappropriate now. He had ended it. And now I felt as if I would never leave this dorm room again.

Staring into the darkness, something caught my eye. It was coming from the floor. A faint glow. Had that been there before? I sat up quickly at first, but then I slowed down as I remembered scenes from "Poltergeist" and how afraid I'd been to lean and look under my bed from atop it ever since I saw it. Slowly, I leaned over toward the glow, which was emanating from the right side of my room. It was my laptop computer, which I had sat on the ground during my crying fit earlier. I though I had closed it all the way, but it was cracked upwards a bit, and light from it was pouring over the floor of my room.

I reached down to it and lifted it to my bed. Pushing the lid backwards carefully, the light blue ALTIMIT desktop burned my eyes which were already sore from hours of being soaked in tears. I squinted hard for about a minute. My hand raised to my eyes as if blocking out the sun, I tried to focus on the lettering on the screen when I paused abruptly...

This is.... his laptop.

I looked around half-heartedly for my own, knowing it was impossible to locate in the extreme darkness of the room. After a few seconds I gave up, not caring.

Forget it, he wont get this back.

My eyes returned to the screen, and I began to scan through the programs that littered his desktop. The first Icon on the list was "The WORLD". The game that I used to love watching KJ play. He was so good at it. I didn't quite understand how he could play it so much, but it made him happy. He could lay there for hours, my head on his shoulder, and watch him play. He offered to have me play on many an occasion, but I refused, insisting I liked it better just to watch him. He was so considerate. A foul taste entered my mouth as I remembered that his consideration was a trivialty now. I double clicked the icon, and placed the virtual reality visor on.

If I'm going to be spending some time in this dorm, I guess I should find something to pass the time with.

Suprisingly, the registration process of the game was rather involving. Or perhaps it wasn't, but I wasn't into the gaming world enough to know what "Involved" was. It wanted to know a plethora of information on who I wanted to "be" in the game.

I typed in my name: Mejin
Character's name: Tokki

I paused before hitting tab to go to the next field. KJ always called me that. Tokki means "rabbit" in Korean. After seriously thinking about whether or not I should change my name. I hit the tab button.

Class: Long Arm

There were a few classed to chose from, but since in my martial arts studies I had been especially talented with spears, polearms, and shafts, I made my decision accordingly.

Weapon: Iron Spear

Clothing: A long sleeved white shirt with a red vest overtop it. Also a golden skirt with stripes that match the color of the vests. Dark stocking were worn up to her thighs.

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Ice Blue

Height: 5'5

Personality: Charismatic

I hit tab once more, and instead of skipping to another field-- it lead to "Next".

I hit enter on my keypad, and the screen suddenly shifted. A sign popped up telling me that my computer was logging in to the world. After a brief pause, a sound played in my visors earpiece.

"Welcome to The WORLD."

Tokki | Lv. 29 | Long Arm | Mistglaive | Kagayuzen | Time Headband | Rue Repulse | Rue Doom | GiRue Kruz | Rue Rom | Death | Ap Do | Miu Lei | Gan Don | Life Drain | No Damage | MeRue Rom

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Post by Tokki » Sun Jul 23, 2006 4:09 am

Tokki's Hack: Ice Control

Overall Law

Tokki can control every aspect of any particle of water around her. She can feel the particles of water, as well as digitally view it's code. The range of these abilities are endless in physical distance, but limited to the field or town that she resides in. It takes a certain amount of mental focus while utilizing this manipulation ability dependant on the amount of water she is controlling at the time. Tokki can change the waters shape, temperature, and location by moving it at will. These abilities remain constant no matter what form the water is in. Solid or Liquid.

Low Level Abilities (Low Concenration)

Note: As time passes, Tokki becomes more and more proficient in the use of her abilities. Eventually, abilities that require higher concentration will require less and less and appear in different categories.

Temperature Manipulation

Tokki has the ability to turn water into ice by lowering it's temperature as much as she wills it. Thus, giving her a very powerful, shapeable weapon (ice) to attack her enemies with. Her affinity for the cold makes her preferential temperature direction toward the negatives-- however it is yet to be seen her abilities to use the water at a higher temperature.

Mistglaive Manipulation

Tokki's weapon, the mistglaive, is a long polearm with a floating globe of water seperate from the shaft floating where the blade should be. Tokki has the ability to solidify, and liquify the ball of water at will. Furthermore, she can shape the water/ice into whatever shape of a weapon she wishes it to be-- so long as she has the required volume of water to do so.

Speed Skate Technique

Tokki has the ability to increase her speed in any one direction by simply coating the floor directly beneath her feet with a thin, barely noticeable layer of ice. The ice fades away the instant her feet are not putting pressure upon them, thus the ice is never visible to the opponent. The downside is that it only can enhance her speed in one direction. If she needs to change directions, she will have to turn, and redirect her momentum before taking advantage of the ability. Another positive side to this ability is the option of using it on her opponent to cause loss of balance. However, she prefers a more honorable fight, and usually decides to rely on her own ability to win bouts. Rarely does she use her hack to hamper the abilities of foes she deems worthy.

Perpetual Ap Ruem

Any party members in the viscinity of Tokki has an automatic boost to their water type techniques. Also, the accuracy of their water type skills is increased. If she focuses on her allies attack, it will almost always be guaranteed to succeed.

Absolute Zero

On several occassions, almost as a signature technique, Tokki has demonstrated the ability to lower the temperature in the room around her to an alarmingly low level. Usually this would only employ a Dek Vakz effect. However, if a high level of focus is employed, it can create a perpetual Dek Do for all enemies in the area. When this amount of concentration is put into the skill, Tokki cannot attack or defend. As such, it is usually a skill used to give an advantage to her allies.

Secondary Skills (Medium Concentration)

Ice Crescent

By using her ability to move ice at her will, Tokki creates a crescent shaped disc of ice that she can use to hold her up and carry her around any area. At first, this skill was very difficult for her to use for a couple reasons. One is balance, which she mastered rather quickly by allowing the crescent to freeze to her shoes slightly. The other was getting used to flying. Keeping her eyes open, at first, was very difficult to be able to the faster she flew upon her disc. She has gotten better at this, but has yet to master it. When she needs to reach top speeds, she uses a set of goggles-- but as stubborn as she is, she tries to use them as a last resort.

Shimmering Mist

Tokki can use the water in her surroundings to kick up a hazy mist in the battle area that decreases visibility. This can be used as a diversionary tactic, or a stalling technique. The mist is very easy to dissipate, and usually is only used for a short-term way to misdirect opponents. The more water in the area, the more effective the technique.

High Level Skills (High Concentration)

Ice Clones

At the moment, Tokki has only ever employed the ability to make clones out of mist. They are easily distinguishable from her, however making them only useful to confuse an enemy from behind. As it stands, she was only able to use this ability when taken over by the ice hacker, Melzas. Whether or not she will eventually be able to use the mist clones, or even upgrade them to a more solidified level is unknown.

Ice Barrier

Tokki has only ever utilized this "on accident" through reflex. Once it appeared as a reaction to a lightning attack used on her by Asgard. This form was only a water barrier that was formed around her body. The bolt of lightning struck the water and was carried throughout the orb without touching her. When she opened her eyes, she was just as shocked as Asgard that she was untouched. Recently, the barriers that have appeared were in ice form and did not completely surround her body. The ice only appeared in an area big enough to stop the physical attacks being performed on her. She can form small sized barriers to stop attacks, however it takes a lot of concentration and at the moment it is much quicker and easier for her to either evade or block with her mistglaive.
Tokki | Lv. 29 | Long Arm | Mistglaive | Kagayuzen | Time Headband | Rue Repulse | Rue Doom | GiRue Kruz | Rue Rom | Death | Ap Do | Miu Lei | Gan Don | Life Drain | No Damage | MeRue Rom

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