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Haiiro Kitsune's Profile

Post by HaiiroKitsune » Sun Mar 30, 2003 10:02 pm

Haiiro Kitsune

Name: Haiiro Kitsune (Kitsune for short if you like)(Gray Fox in jap)
Real Player: Alan
Age: 15 years old
Class: Blademaster
Clothing: A white t-shirt, on top of it a black un-buttoned shirt, with the design of a fox in the back. A pair of gray gloves, with the tip of the fingers cut. And black gray-ish jeans with no design in particular...
Eyes: Long and wide, you know, like a cat, blue colored.
Hair: Long, slightly reaching below the neck.
Height: Ok, I only know the decimal system, w don't use the other where I live so bear with me, about 1.76 meters.
Personality: The "leave me alone and mind your own" type guy. Altough I'm open for any party invitation.
Looks: Your normal fox, although bipedal, most fur being gray save for a couple of place, like the palm of the hand and feet, inner portion of the ears. Nails are shorter than a wild fox. Eyes same like a cat or fox for that matter, long and wide. Tail is about 60 cm long, and very fluffy. (I can't think anything else to describe without messing...) (Also, I DO look like a fox in-game, just like Mia looks like a cat, well I'm a fox)

Level: 8
Weapon: Basic Sword (Cross Slash)
Head Armor: Bandana: (Repth)
Body Armor: Leather Coat (Gan Zot)
Hand armor: Wrist Band (Juk Rom)
Leg Armor: Sandals

Money: $1000 GP

Items: 5 Health Drink, 1 Resurrect, 3 Antidote 2 Restorative, 10 Fortune Wire, 1 Fairy's Orb

Don't touch anything in this part! ^^;


pat --> 2
pac --> 2
pde --> 1
pev --> 2
mat --> 1
mac --> 1
mde --> 1
mev --> 1

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