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Neo ~ Profile

Post by Neo... » Sat Nov 15, 2003 4:15 am

Level: 15
Class: Twinblade
Money: 5,779 GP
Weapon: [Spiral Edge ~ Critical Hit]
Head Armor: [Guard Cap] Body Armor: [Leather Armor]
Hand Armor: [Wristbands] Leg Armor: [Jungle Boots]
Skills/Spells: Tiger Claws, Staccatto, Gale of Swords, Repth, Vak Kruz, Juk Rom
Items: Health Drink x5, Antidote x3, Restorative x2, Fortune Wire x5, Speed Charm x3, Dark Night, Ice Storm, Sprite Ocarina, Safety Shoes

Neo | Twinblade | Lvl. 18 | Tiger Claws | Staccatto | Gale of Swords | Repth | Vak Kruz | Juk Rom |

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