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Post by Rhilla » Mon Oct 04, 2004 12:52 am

•Name: Rhilla
•Level 11 Heavy Blade
•Weapon: Holy Cross
•Armor:Ring Mail|Precision Helm|Silver Gloves|Jungle Boots|
•Skills: Rairaku|Ap Do|Repth|Juk Kruz|Ap Torv|Ap Corv|
•2001 GP
•Items: None
•Spare equipment: None
•Discription: Stands tall, about 5' 9" with short silver hair. Dog ears, hanging where normal ears would be, and with two loop ear-rings. She wears a dark blue sleeveless shirt, that cut off a little above her belly button, with a dark velvet, leather collar. Grey fur gauntlets wrap around her arms, with spiked, black knuckles. Grey hip plates protected her lower torso, with a hole in the back for her fluffy tail. She also wears black boots that go up a little above the ankles.
•Personality: Quick to act, has a patented "shoot first, shoot some more, shoot a couple more times, then once everyone's dead asks a question or two" approach to things. She is also very candid, and will speak her mind.
Rhilla|Heavy Blade|Level 11|{Skill Drain}|Rairaku|Ap Do|Repth|Juk Kruz|Ap Torv|Ap Corv|

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