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May as well...

Post by strato » Thu Apr 27, 2006 7:06 am

I've been thinking lately, and it is very possible that I'll make a return to Div when this summer begins. Of course, there are very high chances that I'll return here and not back to the Subs. Don't know how excited you'll all be for my return, but I plan on having a major comeback and being more active than I've EVER been in the past.

So yeah, I've a high chance of coming back here, and to prepare I've begun some free-writing so that I can try and get into fit writing form. I've lost my touch a bit since I haven't written in so long, but I'll be putting in a lot of practice to return to my old ways.

Just a heads up for you all.


Name: Lakely

Lvl 23 Heavy Blade (110 SP)

9,000 GP

Equipment: Life Sword, Face Guard, Wrist Band, Noble Cloak, Safety Shoes

Skills: Gan Smash, Death Bringer, Rue Zot, Juk Rom, Ol Repth, Ap Ruem

Spare Equipment: Light Giver, Absorber, Horse-Killer

Guardian: Vasuki the Naga King (Lv. 9)

Golden Orb is: A bit more intense.

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