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 Post subject: THE STOCK
PostPosted: Fri Nov 14, 2003 2:33 am 
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Joined: Sat Mar 22, 2003 3:19 am
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Location: At the center of the earth, in a parking lot.
Phantom blades (Lv.2) TB - 800 GP
Assassin (Lv.3) TB - 1000 GP
Fuse blades (Lv.5) TB - 1600 GP
Shadow blades (Lv.6) TB - 1800 GP
Enou (Lv.10) TB - 3000 GP
Anshou (Lv.12) TB - 3600 GP
Hell's Gate (Lv.14) TB - 4000GP
Yosetu & Fuyou (Lv.16) TB - 4800GP
Slayers (Lv.17) TB - 5000GP
Mikazuchi (Lv.19) TB - 5600GP

Kikuichimonji (Lv.1) HB - 600 GP
Earth sword (Lv.2) HB - 800 GP
Stun sword (Lv.5) HB - 1600 GP
Slayer (Lv.6) HB - 1800 GP
Byakuen (Lv.10) HB - 3000 GP
Raijin (Lv.12) HB - 3400 GP
Sun Fang One (Lv.14) HB - 4000 GP
Claymore (Lv.15) HB - 4400gp
Earthian Sword (Lv.17) HB - 4800GP
Horse-Killer (Lv.21) HB - 6000GP

Iron rod (Lv.1) WM - 400 GP
Electric wand (Lv.4) WM - 1400 GP
Wand of Wisdom (Lv.6) WM - 1800 GP
Rod of The Sea (Lv.8) WM - 2600 GP
Cedar Wand (Lv.10) WM - 3000 GP
Groovy Stick (Lv.12) WM - 3800 GP
Spiral Wand (Lv.14) WM - 4200 GP
Bubble Rod (Lv.16) WM - 4800 GP
Nerd Staff (Lv.18) WM - 5600 GP
Treasure Wand (Lv.20) WM - 6000 GP

Water axe (Lv.3) HA - 1000 GP
Thunder axe (Lv.5) HA - 1600 GP
Razor Axe (Lv.7) HA - 2000 GP
Earth Axe (Lv.9) HA - 2600 GP
Water God Axe (Lv.10) HA - 2800 GP
Bloody Axe (Lv.11) HA - 3000 GP
Charged Axe (Lv.13) HA - 3400 GP
Papillon Axe (Lv.15) HA - 4000 GP
Drought Axe (Lv.18) HA - 4800 GP
Sinner's Axe (Lv.21) HA - 5400 GP

Mizuchi (Lv.2) BM - 800 GP
Executioner (Lv.5) BM - 1400 GP
Oval Sword (Lv.7) BM - 2000 GP
Grunty's Sword (Lv.8) BM - 2400 GP
Souleater (Lv.10) BM - 3000 GP
Dogman's Sword (Lv.12) BM - 3400 GP
Steelblade (Lv.13) BM - 3600 GP
Heaven & Earth (Lv.16) BM - 4600 GP
Lake & Sea (Lv.17) BM - 4800 GP
6 Side Blade (Lv.20) BM - 5600 GP

Relief lance (Lv.2) LA - 700 GP
Wooden spear (Lv.4) LA - 1300 GP
Gold Spear (Lv.6) LA - 1900 GP
Bloody Lance (Lv.8) LA - 2500 GP
Lavaman Spear (Lv.10) LA - 2900 GP
Sleipnir (Lv.12) LA - 3700 GP
Fiend Spear (Lv.14) LA - 4100 GP
TranquiLance (Lv.16) LA - 4700 GP
Grobe Spear (Lv.18) LA - 5300 GP
Blitz Spear (Lv.19) LA - 5500 GP

Dragon Fan (Lv.16) FF - 4400 GP
Kaze Nunchaku (Lv.18) FF - 5300 GP
Brass Knuckles (Lv.20) FF - 6300 GP

Dark Forest Bow (Lv.17) AR - 4700 GP
Demon Fang Crossbow (Lv.18) AR - 5300 GP
Burning Star Crossbow (Lv.20) AR - 6300GP

Aqua String (Lv.12) WH - 3400 GP
Hook and Rope (Lv.15) WH - 4200 GP
Ancient Oak’s Vine (Lv.17) WH - 5000 GP
Makai Vine (Lv.20) WH - 6300 GP

TB - Twin Blade
BM - Blademaster
HB - Heavy Blade
HA - Heavy Axe
LA - Long Arm
WM - Wavemaster
FF - Fist Fighter
AR - Archer
WH - Whipmaster

Stock altered to at least be the same as Subs; perhaps to grow in the future.

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2003 12:53 am 
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Joined: Thu Apr 03, 2003 2:12 am
Posts: 267
Location: Level 27 Blade Master
I'd like to purchase that Executioner please......Right....heres your 1400gp...Keep your eye out for a Singing Blade....I'll gladdly pay double price for it :wink:

Equipment: Oval Sword/ Frost Armour/ Cougar Bandana / Frost Bracer / Leg mail
Items: Mages soul, spirte orcarina, anitidote, 3 emperor soul, 10 heath potion, 5 Raging Earth, 5 Ice Floe, 5 Gale Breath, 2 Resurrect, 2 Speed Charm, 2 Knights Bane
Money: 5403gp
Skills: La Repth, Rue Slash, Rue Rom
Unequiped: Unicorn Blade(Ani Slash)Executioner(Crackbeat)

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 Post subject: Re: THE STOCK
PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 5:17 am 
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Joined: Wed Jan 30, 2008 2:43 pm
Posts: 15
Location: Toronto
Raven walked into the Weapons Shop, looking for the one thing that he knew would be an invaluable addition to his arsenal in the quest to come. He looked through the inventory, and quickly discovered exactly the thing he was looking for.

"Hello, I'll take the Lake & Sea you have there."

The shopkeeper handed the weapon to him, and he handed the man 4800 GP in return before turning and leaving with his new sword slung over his shoulder.

Level 23 Blademaster
2400 Gold
Skills: Rue Kruz, Juk Kruz, Vak Crack, Rai Rom, Gan Crack, Ap Corv | Skill Drain
Items: x30 Health Drinks, x12 Mage Souls, x5 Resurrects, x4 Gale Breaths, x9 Speed Charms, x9 Meteor Swarms, x5 Warrior's Blood, Nightblight, Plasma Storm, Fire Tempest, x4 Ice Floe, Sprite Ocarina, Fairy's Orb, Fortune Wire, Hermit's Bane, x3 Ice Storm, x2 Ice Strike, Cygnus, Matoi, x2 Dark Night


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 Post subject: Re: THE STOCK
PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:11 pm 
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Joined: Sat Dec 27, 2008 12:19 am
Posts: 115
Location: Walking the line of madness
10800 for a Crystal Rod.

As Nighthand said, you can buy any common items up to level 90 at the Yamiyo bazaar, using the base price schemes.

Takua - Lvl 57 Wavemaster
Wishlist: Levels, Stun Rod, Hag's Wand, Wand of Truth, Ex-Level, Ex-Spheres, and Myth: Demiurge, FL Fukuoka

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 Post subject: Re: THE STOCK
PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:51 am 
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Joined: Fri Dec 26, 2008 10:21 pm
Posts: 111
Continuing to flood the shopping area with more purchases!

Specter Blades - 4100 GP
Kikoku - 4400 GP

Total: 8500 GP

Character Information
Baron | Level 47 Twin Blade [100/1000 EXP] | 891 HP / 265 SP
Weapon: Fishskin
Armor: Emperor's Crown/Bone Armor/Thunder Gloves/Ninja Anklet
Accessories/Books: Ethereal Angel Wings, Silver Grunty
Skills: Thunder Coil, Gale of Swords
Spells: Merrows, GiRai Don, BiVak Rom, GiGan Zot, Rai Don, Ani Don, Duk Lei
GP: 750 (As of 8/2/15)
Wishlist: Nny Scales, Lucky Shoes, Saint Cross, Greave Sticker, Pet EX-Levels/Spheres(!)

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