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Fostering Bonds

Post by Hacorie » Sun Aug 05, 2007 1:31 am

--Terrain Type: A field covered in snow with the white substance falling slowly toward the ground. A large moon looms in the background giving a serene feeling.
--Weather: Snowy
--Element: Rue
--Monsters You Want: Water Witches and Smiley Rays
--Where Those Monsters Are: Portals, but I would like for them to be centered around one central location with a new portal opening at an interval of time. Of course, Hac and Foster will be at this central location where the monster's swarm. So instead of getting close to the portals to activate them, after say an interval of 10 minutes a new one opens whether the first monsters have been destroyed or not.
--Who Is In The Thread: Hacorie and the summon Foster
--To the magical lady Raine: No healing, no resurrecting

On another note, this takes place(obviously if you are keeping up with me XD) after my solo.


“What a weird dream...” Hacorie whispered as he slipped one of the arms resting at his side to his forehead. Feeling no extreme warmth pulsating from his head, the character sighed in a manner of confusion. Was it truly a dream? he questioned himself as the memories he received in the woods came rushing back into his eye sockets. He could picture almost everything that happened as if it were real. He remembered the soft silky feel of the leaves and the grainy and rough tree manifestations which resided in the unknown forest. The smell of pine needles still encompassed his sense of smell as the peaceful thoughts began to drift him back into his sleep. Reality hit, as it often did though, and snapped the Heavy Blade back to the viewable substances in front of his body such as the beds which lined the walls of the barracks. Even though his mind continued to wander to the peaceful and subtle forest, the ever looming feel of ‘something is amiss’ began to arise from the depths of such peacefulness. Kicking one leg into the air, the Heavy Blade slipped his hand into the pocket at his side. Right on top of all the glass vials and other miscellaneous items, were two details which seemed to stand out. The first were the white pearly beads used to summon the Snowy Owl Seluma, but the second was a mystery. It was a nine pronged leaf; three of said points were grouped in three relatively normal distributions: its purpose seemed to be known, but unknown. The memory of peace and tranquility harbored no ideal of the item, and if it did, the memory remained suppressed for some odd reason.

Taking the leaf from the bag, the character began to feel the soft protective shell which was ever so thin and fragile. The glossy texture was not meant for protection acted upon by extreme strength, but instead more or less from the rain which trickled down from leaf to leave in the storm seasons of the woodland areas. As he finished admiring the emerald tree extremity, the character started to put it back into its rightful place, but was forcefully stopped by a somewhat familiar voice within his mind. Do you remember the events within your dream? Try and remember the trials you overcame. This one item is your reward, use it well for you have earned the trust of myself: Foster, the Guardian of the Forest... as quickly as it came, the voice disappeared back into the recesses of his brain, but the character was left with something a lot more valuable than simple knowledge. The missing links in the dream quickly began to add up while new and ever vibrant images came to him. The fights, the talking, and the next summon...everything was back. The events were real and now he was able to set his mind at ease, but once again he remained with a single question after the subsiding glee. Just what powers do you have Foster?

Even though he resisted the obvious pun to be made at the summon’s expense, Hacorie still began to dwell on the fact that it was quite a strange feeling to know nothing about your own powers. Would you be up for a little training mission, Foster? Hacorie mentally asked while not really needing a reply since he was going to do this bit of exercise anyway. After all the key to any new friendship is to get close to the thing or person without actually invading their personal space bubble. A hard concept to grasp, but Hac knew that if he was able to summon the creature...they would have a much easier time in the future exploits of the Freedom Fighters. It was obviously better to be prepared than to be caught off guard with only one perceptive way out. If such a time came where Hacorie summoned Foster and it ended up being no help at all, the Heavy Blade would not only look like a fool in front of all his comrades, but in front of a mirror as well. How could he live with himself if something happened to someone in the group due to his lack of knowledge or control of his own powers? Hacorie could not deal with such emotional trauma if it were to come his way; so instead of forming anymore ‘what if’ scenarios in his head, the character decided what to do.

“The Training Grounds ran by Raine will be our first destination as a team Foster...” Hacorie whispered to himself as he finally let his foot fall back to the mattress of the bed. After a single bounce, or two or three, the character tensed the muscles in his arm and stretched them forward. Pushing up from his shoulder blade’s the character relaxed his arms and swung his feet around to the ground. After a moment of pause, the character pressed his hands against the bed as his body completely lifted off the soft cozy mattress of the barracks cots. Blinking a couple of time, Hac looked around the room full of beds; no one seemed to be around. “Heh....wonder how long I was actually out?” He pondered aloud while feeling that his lost strength had obviously returned since his legs began to move toward the doorway without pain in each step. However, before he even reached the outside of said doorway, the character stopped and turned once again to his bed. With a fake sniffle, he began to laugh and wave as he exited the room for it would be a long and gruesome time at the third hub before rest could once again be in the Heavy Blade’s future.

Taking a turn here and a turn there, Hacorie finally came upon the doors which led to the simulated program created by the Freedom Fighter named Raine. Hacorie hoped he was at the right place since she was standing in front of the doors, but if it was a mistake...then he may have arrived at her bedroom. “Yeah...I need to train, is this the right place?” Hacorie asked as he began to tilt his head to the side while looking on at the lady. With a nod of the head and fluid movement of the arms, the lady directed him to enter without even muttering a word. Pressing one hand against the face of the door, the player felt an icy sensation began to chill his body. Suddenly, the door slightly creaked open and the snowy white field could be seen. “This is perfect...the character muttered entering the Training Room. Hearing the door close behind him, the character turned; nothing seemed to be there however. Only white particles lightly covering the field. Looking to the far east, a brilliant yellow moon seemed to stare back at the character as its radiant light encompassed the entire field. Continuing to peer into the distance, yellow dots began to form, one after another. Following the stretching horizon with each new dot, the heart beat of the Heavy Blade began to race. He had to have mentally counted twenty or so portals already.

Wiping his brow, the Heavy Blade sighed in relief since he was not able to activate any of the portals from his current location. What was the point of fighting if his partner had not arrived yet? Placing his hand within his satchel once more, the Heavy Blade tried to pull out the leaf from earlier. However, his gloves somehow got stuck in the leather interior of the small bag. While pulling with might, the Heavy Blade accidently took a single step backward. Everything seemed fine as his hand was released from the conniving flesh eating satchel, but something became wrong and quickly at that. The leg which had stepped back seemed to momentarily sink into the concrete ground below. A hidden switch? Hacorie questioned himself as he turned and looked. Of course this was to no avail since the snow covered any means of knowing what caused the sinkage. Shrugging his shoulders, the Heavy Blade looked up. One of the yellow portals was swirling at an accelerating rate while deteriorating into the background.

Holding his hand high into the air, Hacorie let out a call of the guardian he wished to call upon.

“Foster. Let yourself be known!”

The small leaf quickly began to pulsate as it lifted high into the air while illuminating a bright florescent light. As the green light cleared, four paw prints reached into the ground. However, these prints were the only observed feature which could give off the true form of the creature. See, this summon had a physical body, but its control over the forestry let it create a protective barrier of leaves. This not only increased the mass of the wolf-shaped animal, but also ensured divine protection. Even know there was a weakness to the plastered leaves, it was highly unlikely the current field would show that flaw.

Marveling at the grace of his newest summon, Hacorie spoke as his eyes returned to the now open portal. “Are you ready for a fun test?” the Heavy Blade asked while noting the monsters to appear: Five Water Witches.

“Heh...guess we will find out. It sure has been a long time since I last fought...hope I can keep up with your prowess,” The beast said in a sarcastic tone of response.
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Post by Nighthand » Sun Aug 05, 2007 3:48 am

Approved, your parameters are fine.

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