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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2007 12:19 am 
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The mage twitched visibly as Devil was sliced and blasted away by a pair of the group. So both Senna and Hacorie had decided that way, hm? The wizard had hoped anyone who wanted to erase the monster would address the group first, but clearly these two hadn’t wanted to take any chances. Silk would be disappointed, but the only one who might act rashly in this situation would be Phoenix perhaps. The next hub would be a mystery still, but the caster could live with that. After all of the battles, his mind was set towards perfecting his own technique. The field would encounter just as many surprises as the party would.

The greatest potential loss of information would be about the administrators however. Those players were high leveled, knew The World well, and had a link to the physical side of The World too. Working alongside them, it might have been possible to find a way out for everyone… but the location of the admin would remain unknown still longer. His question wasn’t wasted though, the fact the monster knew little of the affair meant there was plenty of detail to it. If the answer was as simple as ‘Kamui and all of the others are long dead,’ then there would be no significant details besides the bare facts. Their lives must still be their own…no, that wasn’t right. What the player took from the comment was alive, nothing more. Nothing else could be safely assumed, not from how Nall described the situation of the ordinary victim.

The blue mage walked past Hacorie and Senna, hoping a brawl wouldn’t break out because of the dispute. The hub was still the objective here, not the rest of the information. It would have been a well deserved bonus, but it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

“Oh well, that settles that. Let’s ravage the hub now, shall we?”

The caster turned to face Nall as he completed his sentence. Surely it would be the blade master and his leading companions to rap up their mission. The blade master was surely here to do something other than deflect a few attacks.

ooc: Yay. We’re finally done here.

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That was the only thought that came to Phoenix’s head after Hacorie killed the Marionette Devil with a combination of his sword and a MeRue Rom attack. He also noticed that Senna and Silk had the same idea in killing the Devil. The blademaster could not figure out why the fist fighter wanted to kill it since he has not been with the group for that long. Phoenix could speculate a reason for Senna since it was Marionette’s first guardian, Primal who trapped her in the game and probably want to kill Marionette and its minions for it. As for Hacorie, maybe he did not want Senna to kill it and feel the guilt of killing someone begging for its life. The old Phoenix would have publicly shouted out his digust towards the duo but this Phoenix is going to send a flashmail instead.


From: Phoenix
To: Hacorie, Senna

I hoped you guys feel good about yourselves for killing a beggar. Senna, you should know how deadly Marionette’s guardians can get. If Marionette Angel was anything like Primal, we are in a world of hurting. Let’s hope that losing that information isn’t going to result in a massacre.

End Flashmail

After sending the flashmail, Phoenix heard Rayo about ravaging the hub which made him remembered about the tablet that Sekai found.

“Before we ravaged the hub, maybe we should look at the tablet that Sekai found. It could provide us on the location of our objective. Sekai, lead the way to the tablet.”

As Phoenix waited for Sekai to lead the way towards the tablet, he realized that everyone was not going to let the Marionette Devil lived. The part that made him feel so bad was not the actual act of murder of the Devil but killing him while begging for its life. It was one thing to kill him while in battle. It was another to kill him while asking its murders to live without even a single word that they were going to kill him at that moment. That act was something that the Elites and its minions would do. Phoenix would like to see the Freedom Fighters not to become like the Elites.

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The werewolf waded back from the chaos of the battle with a weary stumble, the onslaught of magic and blade proving to be an exhaustive pursuit when set against one of Marionette's Guardians. What proved to be a rather pleasant surprise, however, was how quickly the last two forms had been vanquished. When the group had come together to fight as such, it had proven to be a rather formidable opponent, one the Devil could not defeat. The first two forms hadn't exactly lacked the group dynamic, but it had been more loosely instated. When they had finally gotten their heads out of their collective asses? Well, it made him think more of a lot of people he was beginning to suspect gave absolutely nothing to the group as a whole. Feeling a whole let better than he had going into the heart of the attack in the first place (a part of him fearing Rayo going rogue and spamming PhaGan Dons again while he was the blasts epicenter), Zan's light mood faltered a touch at the Devil's apparent unwillingness to die. Though he returned to a shabby copy of his first form and it was obvious a single blow would finish him off, the werewolf was notably disappointed they'd have to waste anymore effort at all.

And then he offered information.

Knowledge; the intellectual foundation of true power and strategies that simply 'smash and bash' could never earn an individual. Already they had been given the name of their next big foe, something Zan found surprising when he knew it shouldn't have been. Marionette Angel. It sounded a lot more benevolent than he knew it would be. Still, the fact that they had been offered information in exchange for a now-harmless Guardian's life made the fact that the Devil still lived a bit more pleasing. No one in their right mind would think to finish him off before he could give it to them, of course, and already Rayo was beginning to grill it for proper insight. The first brought up an interesting question, one Zan hadn't thought to ask himself since the war in Mac Anu. Where was Kamui now? Where were the Administrators as a whole? The spark of interest had the hulking beast of rich brown fur and ripping muscle gracefully lumbering towards the group with a notable edge of fatigue. One of the Administrators in particular, one whose name was currently lost on him, had appealed to the lycanthrope as a rather enlightened individual with a potential as an ally for them if the Freedom Fighters could ever get him away from the others. Though, disappointingly, the Devil gave them nothing of use on that topic, it still opened up an avenue of opportunity they had never had before - questioning something connected to the Elites. It was a small connection, but just the same...

Senna, across the room from him, made a move that brought the lycanthrope's flared senses towards her. She was but feet from the Devil while Zan stood several yards from him, leaned against the wall and his massive, amplified High Forger in turn. When he realized what was happening, what she was going to do, his heart started thundering in his chest like a stampede of mustangs, a great snarl dribbling from curled lips as he moved to stop her. He couldn't get their in time, as quick as he was. She was too close, he too far away to stop what was to come. The sudden appearance of Hacorie stopped him in his tracks, a sigh of relief deflating his chest and bringing out the closest thing to a smile that a muzzle could possibly give. So the Rue-loving Heavy Blade had the common sense that the Long Arm apparently lacked. Up until that point, Zan had pinned her as intelligent, as perceptive, but the gesture she had made sent that all to hell. Half-way through thanking God that Hacorie was in the right place at the right time, the werewolf howled in outrage as the Hub Guardian was taken down by a rather meek looking katana that the dumbass seemed to love so much. Stomping towards the kid, large booms sounding, the ground cracking in every direction in his wake, the lycanthrope shouted the first word that came to his mind. Directed at both Senna and Hacorie, Zan would have liked to say something thorough and explicative, but in his current form, only one rumbled word made it out.


It echoed around the room with the force it left his massive chest, knuckles cracking and tightening with the strength at which he now held the eight-foot sword above his head. The Rage had flared without warning, without proper time for Zan to prepare. It was like having white-hot coals boiling in his veins, clouding his mind and forcing him to see through a tunnel vision that encompassed nothing but the Long Arm and her partner in crime. His heart had once again began to beat like a primal drum against his sternum, forcing that scalding blood through his system, setting his nerves and his ability to think logically ablaze until, at last, sanity came back in a sudden realization of what he was about to do. The overbearing weapon was not a foot from cleaving Hacorie in two when a great breath, one that seemed to draw all the air around him into his chest, removed the threat. It would have felt so good, so rewarding to off the motherfucker, but no. There was a much better way to vent, a much more productive way that would have his opinion known in ways other than blood. Words weren't a great ability in his current form, however, and thoughts turned into seconds as he melted down into his human state, waves of fur receding, muscles shrinking and muzzle/claws retracting until he was trenchcoat-clad Heavy Blade they all knew.

"Did you think that was funny? Did you two think you were fucking accomplishing something by destroying the one lead we could have had, the flashlight in the darkness of the next Hub? Did you think yourself heroes? Rebels? You are nothing of the sort. You are CHILDREN." Turning to Hacorie, he pointed to the Heavy Blade with his weapon. "You contribute NOTHING! Your little Tweedy-Popsicle summon, or whatever the fuck that was, hardly did shit for us. Are you proud of that toothpick you call a sword? Does it make you feel like a big boy? Well slap on some Pull-Ups, junior, because you've officially become a bigger fucking dipshit than Jinx!" That blade turned to Senna, still thrusted out. "And you! I expected more from you! What, did you get bored standing around daydreaming while the rest of us actually pulled our weight? Nall and Nighthand did more and they were fucking gone half the battle! I don't know what mentally challenged muse whispered in your ear, little girl, but taking your thumb out of your ass just to try and off an important informer is NOT the definition of helpful! If you were trying to worm out of your blatant, cankerous uselessness, you failed on a level so epic your children will fucking feel it."

Rethinking his stance on murdering them, but going with the same decision as before, Zan dissipated the High Forger into his inventory in a fog of data and indulged himself in a final snarl. The rest of the group could pat them on the back and offer reassurances all they wanted to, but his words needed to be said. Could he have been nicer? Fuck nice. Nice never got points through anyone's head in the history of the world. No way in hell was Senna going to be the exception to this rule, let alone Hacorie. The fact that he now found himself regarding Jinx with an elevated level of respect (though, in truth, Jinx would have probably pulled the same backwards stunt) because of what they had done only made him more nauseas. To give the bunny any ounce of respect at all was worthy of a pool's helping of vomit. As much as the Lycan would have liked to go on and on about the subject, Phoenix had pointed out their need to proceed. Though the Hub Guardian had been killed and their hot spot of info had been cut off, they still had a task to do. What exactly intercepting Flashmails and destroying one of their focal stations accomplished in the end in the scale of the Elites, Zan still wasn't too keen on. That said, something needed to be done to make this whole trip not seem like a waste of time.

The lycanthrope found himself fantasizing about worm holes opening up behind the Two Most Hated and swallowing them up into Yamiyo, but Zan wouldn't wish that place even upon them. To be Level 0 slaves to the Elites wasn't a punishment fit for any. Well, that was a bit of an overstatement, but it definitely wasn't a punishment fit for any in the Freedom Fighters. Well, maybe Jinx, but - no. Not even the rabbit. In the end, all Jinx ever really did was try and get the cereal from the children, so he could hardly bring in his immaturity as persecuting proof that he should be sent to that hell field. Shaking off the rapidly derailing train of thought, Zan simply waited for the group to progress to the room beyond. They'd do what they had to do and return to the Hideout to rest where, undoubtedly, the group would be off to the third Hub not a day or two afterward. Any amount of rest was welcomed at that point, however, and the werewolf did his best to ignore the anger that still stirred in his stomach at Senna and Hacorie. They had lost his respect. Sure, it wasn't exactly something he was handing out in mass quantities, but what little he had given them in his head had evaporated in a heartbeat. All he could do now was move forward, forget what their monstrous stupidity had cost them all, and hope it didn't cost the group as a whole too much in the next field.

Hope and pray.

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As someone who had been brought up to be humble and fairly submissive, as was expected of a "well bred" and "proper" young woman of "traditional" Japanese lineage, Sekai found herself quite startled to find herself the sudden center of attention after the tablet she'd discovered, thanks in part to that odd message that Marionette-san had sent her, had been pointed out by the pleading Devil. Her eyes widened and she found herself shrinking in on herself, suddenly all too uncomfortable with the weight of the glances sent her way and looking as subtly as she could for a way to get out without being too obvious about it.

'I can't do this, they're expecting something that I can't do, what if I disappoint them or they think I'm in league with the master of the Devil?'

Kira's presence soothed her, the AI rising up within her mind and staring coldly out from the girl's eyes at the Devil's attempt to save his hide. In her opinion, the Devil deserved his fate and should be slaughtered for destroying that poor Fae; a life for a life after all. The method of the Fae's death was still a sore point that had her blood still boiling at the thought of it. She knew her little one had a weakness, even for a bastard mistake like this thing was, when it came to those who were pleading or begging for their lives and it made her one of the ones that were weak unless trained properly.

Dammit, she would have to train the girl not to be so damn weak as to let herself be led by the heart.

Movement caught their eyes, Sekai blinking rapidly due to the disorientation that accompanied the sensation of having someone else looking through her eyes at the same time she watching something as well, and two of the people in the Freedom Fighters, a Heavy Blade she wasn't familiar with and the female Long Arm that had caught Kira's attention at one point took charge and slaughtered the Devil in one combined attack.

Well at least someone has the right idea; I'll have to ask them how they managed to retain some form of common fucking sense.

Ignoring Kira wasn't too hard to do, Sekai's hand pressed against her mouth as she shook her head and flinched at the sound of someone familiar, a startled glance behind her showing that it was Zan, ripping into them with the ferocity of a politician ripping his opponent a new one... or the yakuza assaulting someone who'd turned traitor or offended their gang. Shrinking back as the monster died, she found herself blindly heading for the tallest figure she knew there, Zan that is, and cowered behind him as the Blademaster who'd nearly run her over back when she'd been looking around the hideout started heading her way. Sure it was probably rather... ridiculous of her to act like this but at the moment? Hiding seemed like the best thing to do; especially since she didn't want to wind up like the Devil if she said something wrong.

Temper still hot, but on the cooling side, Zan blinked as the Archer shrunk behind him, a move that made her out to be the nicer of the two personalities. Turning to face her, his hood pulled back, he did his best to give her a friendly smile with a face that was half-mutilated by silver; anything shy of friendly would have scared her off, he knew.


She shifted a little, tawny eyes looking off to the side as she managed to mumble some sort of response that she hoped wouldn't send him into another burst of temper.

"W-why did they... why did they kill him after he asked for mercy?"

Zan had to use every ounce of his will not to show the anger the statement flared in echo of the experience within his eyes. Keeping the Siberian Husky blues contained, calm, he answered the question.

"Because, Sekai, they're fu-...freaking stupid."

Hey, he had to tell the truth, didn't he?

She bit her lip, trying to keep her eyes away from the body of the boss they'd fought so hard against.. and one who'd offered a wealth of information in return for sparing his life. What would have happened if they'd have taken the deal and spared the life? Would they have had the answers they sought? An alliance maybe? Maybe... maybe even a way to get through the next hub somewhat unharmed and without too much incident.

"I.. wish that they wouldn't have done that."

Sekai looked up at the Heavy Blade with an uncertain, anxious look in her eyes as she reached into her inventory and brought the chest out.

"I-I was led to find this by Marionette-san, will they think I'm in league with him?"

Zan seemed to pause at that question, a pause that would have brought insightful people an ounce of curiosity.

"If they do, little ranger, they'd be even bigger morons than I've made them out to be. Besides..."

Again, a pause.

"Being in league with him isn't punishable by death. If you have a good reason, like that box there, people should be able to get over it."

Waving a hand, as if to dismiss the comment, he indulged in a nervous chuckle.

"Bah. I'm babbling."

She frowned a little, head tilting to one side slightly in puzzlement as she tried to figure out what made him so... nervous when he'd been furious not even ten minutes before that moment. Shaking her head to clear her mind, she gave a very small, shaky smile in thanks before looking down at the chest itself.

"Um.. just one more question... and then maybe we can leave this place and examine this somewhere more... um... secure."

Her cheeks took on a slightly pink tinge as she tried to figure out how to place the question and finally gave up any attempt at not being nosy.

"What... um, what's a ranger?"

The smile that had been all show, all facade before now seemed to gain an ounce of real mirth. If she could give that to him, perhaps there was more than just a military reason to keep her around. Imitating shooting a bow, one hand held out while the others notched an invisible string, he tried to explain.

"It's a class for a lot of tabletop roleplays. Tabletop this game, but with just words and imagination."

He paused to collect his thoughts, then proceeded on.

"They're very skilled travelers of the forest and protectors of the woods. They often carry bows as weapons, stereotypically."

The werewolf gestured at her own.

"Much like yourself."

Her eyes were curious at the explanation, thoughtful expression appearing as she seemed to consider the new information and nodded to herself. Tabletop roleplaying was new, maybe she'd ask him when time wasn't so... short and the situation wasn't as serious as it was at the moment.

"Um.. you may have to explain that a little more to me later."

A shy smile on her face betrayed the interest she had in the subject as she looked back down at the chest and then at the rest of the group before looking back up- this was going to give her a crick in the neck for sure, having to look up at everyone as she needed to- at Zan with a questioning look.

"Is... is there someone I should give this to? I'm... not sure how you all have dealt with things like this before."

Considering that, the answer seemed rather obvious.

"Just give it to, Silverblade and we can get a better look at it later. If he doesn't want to look at it now, we'll probably get it a once-over back at the Hideout."

Seemingly done, something else struck him.

"Ah, and good job finding that in the first place. It's nice to have someone who can fight on the outskirts and keep an eye out for this stuff. Most of us would have missed it."

Kira perked at the sound of needing to hand the stupid thing over to Silverblade, mostly because she needed to do some well deserved harassing because of his little nap while they fought the first few stages of the boss as Sekai's face suddenly turned bright red in embarrassment and she shook her head rapidly from side to side at the praise.

"N-No no! It was purely by mistake, really. I would not have found it if I hadn't been sent a message from Marionette-san. He, err, she, um... that person did all of the work, I didn't do anything."

Zan thought about that, but was too amused by her embarassment to completely let it go.

"Well, he/she/it still chose you, right? There was obviously something special in you that Marionette saw. Don't downplay that too much. Give yourself a little credit, mm?"

Her face darkened in color even more as she shook her head even faster.

"N-no, there's nothing there really, it would have been someone else. Wrong place at the right time, or um, was it right place at the wrong time? E-either way, someone else would have found and I should go give this to the, um, right person now. D-don't be too stressed and make sure and rest when this is over."

Bowing quickly, she rushed off to go and give the chest over to this... Silverblade person, apparently Kira knew which one he was and had a good time teasing the living hell out of her because of the girl's reaction to being complimented on the way there.


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As Silverblade watched their adversary-turned-information go up in proverbial flames, he suppressed the urge to do the same to the pair responsible. It wouldn’t be right, to act on them; the decision had been made. Though Silverblade knew the value of information, especially when dealing with the hackers, he couldn’t really blame the pair for killing the creature.

When the spell cleared, there was nothing left. No dead body, no treasure chest, no ashes, nothing to indicate the destruction of the corpse. Not that such an occurrence was too unnatural these days; anything, really, could happen. Looking around, Silverblade searched for the entrance to the Hub. He still had the bomb, the bright blue orb of crystal that would detonate and remove the hub from active existence. However, whatever door had once been on the wall leading them onwards was no longer there. Three blank stone walls and a door back the way they had come.

Nall, too, seemed to have suppressed whatever feelings he had regarding the early demise of the Devil, and was looking around for the hub himself. Giving up, Silverblade turned his eye to the blademaster, whose own vision was much more suited to finding such a structure. And indeed he did find it, moments later. Meanwhile, Silverblade turned to approach the archer, only to find her approaching him.

The small girl, when she finally drew near, seemed to look startled at the presence of the heavyblade. Sure, he was tall and she was short, but her meek nature overcompensated for the difference. His wing weren’t even spread out.

”The Tablet, I presume?”

"U-um, yes, it's in here." came the response.

Raising an eyebrow, the only one that he could anyways, Silverblade took the heavy burden from her arms. Flipping open the lid, he extracted the tablet and cast aside the chest. It was as he suspected… another clue. He slid the heavy stone tablet, weighty for its small size, into his jacket and thus his inventory. They would deal with it later, in the hideout.

”Thanks. We can puzzle this out later.”

”Clear the center.” He said, advancing on the center of the room where Senna, Silk, and Hacorie stood. They moved, not sure whether or not he would attempt to reprimand them, but he ignored their presence. Drawing his blade into the air, he slammed it into the ground with stone-crushing force. Stone-crushing because that’s exactly what the weapon did; crushed the stone floor. Cracks radiated out from where he slammed the blade, and he leapt back as the floor gave way.

Revealed beneath the floor, beneath them the entire time, was the swirling vortex of liquid data that was the hub. Satisfied that it was the real thing, and perhaps wondering why he hadn’t noticed it’s presence before, Nall stepped back. His job was done, and now it was time for Silverblade to step up. Step up he did, to the pool, drawing the crystal ball from his coat and holding it over the vortex. He waited a moment until it seemed the swirls were most intense. Perhaps that had nothing to do with anything, but on the off chance that it was an indicator of how much was going on at a given time, he dropped it then. The more data they could get from it, the better.

An abrupt cracking noise sounded as the liquid instantly froze solid, much faster than the previous hub’s destruction had been. Perhaps Raine had altered the bombs, or simply tried two different versions. Or maybe the hubs were different. Whatever the case was, Silverblade drew the heavyblade signature to his class and lowered the blade itself to touch the frozen surface. Again the musical chime sounded, a different pitch before, but a solid tone lasting a full second before fading away. The frozen data shattered and drained, leaving nothing but a small pit in the center of the room.

Putting his sword away, Silverblade closed his eye. Perhaps Nighthand would be back… hopefully so. He was tired. Having to be in control of the body at all times rather than just now and then was a feat he hadn’t had to do in some time, and never in such a strenuous situation. He wasn’t used to it. This was a task much more suited to Nighthand.

”We’re done here. Let’s gone home.”

I’ll post up the new thread in a few moments, as well as grades. Note: For killing Devil, Senna and Hacorie get an additional level on top of their grades. However, the information that Devil offered will not be offered again. Angel isn’t going to say it, Marionette isn’t going to say it, no one is. So… I suppose no one knows the degree of tradeoff it was. ^_^ Oh well.

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